Safety Guidelines

Serving the international community throughout Japan means understanding the various safety regulations and safety codes; Cezars Kitchen is committed to a strict program that ensures the safety and wellness of our children and other clients. We continuously monitor worldwide food safety standards (Food Code) and make every effort possible to provide you/your child with the safest food products on the market.

The Cezars Wellness Program (CWP) consists of many facets including a HACCP checkpoints and a monthly inspection. Below is a detailed explanation of our Wellness Program.

What does HACCP stand for?

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points.

What is Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points?

It is a Food Safety methodology that relies on the identification of Critical Control Points (CCP’s) in food production and preparation processes. Closely monitored CCPs will ensure that food is safe for human consumption.

Cezars takes steps to eliminate potential identifiable hazards and reduce risks throughout the lunch production process (delivery by suppliers to set-lunch plate).

What is included in Cezars Wellness Program?

  1. Monthly Kitchen and Cafeteria Inspection that reviews and inspects HACCP; from monitoring temperatures on refrigerators (below 5 °C), freezers (below -20 °C) to ensuring proper storing of products.
  2. Certified Food Handler License: One staff from each location has taken and passed their prefecture’s safety and health licensing test. This safety trained individual is in-charge of education staff and monitoring our safety conditions locally.
  3. Alcohol Bottles: All Cezars kitchens are using alcohol spray bottles throughout the day as a disinfectant for utensils, cooking and serving pans. This process provides an extra barrier against potential contaminants between storage after cleaning and being used to hold or in preparation of food. The process begins with all dishes being cleaned using a professional grade kitchen dishwashing machine that is inspected periodically once per month and then stored properly following the 2005 Food Code. Before using the pan, our kitchen wipes the pan to provide the extra level of food safety.
  4. Food Samples: Cezars collects food samples on every lunch dish for the period of 14 days. If there is ever a situation where our local Health Department needs food samples, our Kitchen will be ready and prepared to support the Health Office.
  5. Staff Health Checkups: Cezars has partnered with a local clinic next to each school. Every year our Head Office ensures that each staff member working at a school location has taken and passed a health inspection.
  6. Preventing Contamination by Deliveries:
    • SOURCE: Food is obtained from sources that comply with the law.
    • LABEL: Packaged food is labeled as specified in the law.
    • PACKAGE INTEGRITY: All deliveries are check-in by a qualified staff member to ensure the package is in good condition and contents have not been exposed to potential contaminants.
    • FRESHNESSQUES: We check for freshness, appearance and proper temperature (specified frozen is delivered frozen).
  7. Preventing Contamination by Employees:
    • HAND WASHING: Staff are required to wash their hands frequently (after breaks, after handling money and returning to handling food, after cleaning, after coming in contact with potential contaminants, such as raw meat, etc.).
    • BARE HAND: Cezars staff may not contact exposed, ready-to-eat food with their bare hands and shall use suitable utensils such as spatulas, tongs, single-use gloves.
    • HANDWASHING SINKS: We have designated hand washing sinks that are easily accessible and in close proximity to the work station where the bare hand contact procedure is conducted.
    • GLOVES: Cezars requires the use by staff of single-use disposable gloves. Gloves are used for only one task such as working with ready-to-eat food or with raw animal food, used for no other purpose, and discarded when damaged or soiled, or when interruptions occur in the operation.
  8. Preventing Contamination by Storage:
    • SEPARATION: Food is protected from cross contamination by separating raw animal food away from raw ready-to-eat food. For example, we do not store raw rump roast above pasteurized sliced cheese or lettuce.
    • LABELING: All food is stored in proper containers, identified by original packages or written labels.
    • LOCATION: Dry goods are stored in a clean, dry location, to limit exposure to splash, dust or other contaminations and off the floor.
    • RESTRICTIONS: Cezars does not store food in:
      • Locker / changing rooms
      • Bathrooms
      • Garbage rooms
  9. Preventing Contamination by Children:
    • BUFFET UNIT: Our buffets are all equipped with a protection “sneeze” guard.
    • CONDIMENTS: We protect condiments from contamination by keeping them in dispensers are designed to provide protection or use the original container designed for dispensing.
    • SOUP SERVICE: Soup holders are equipped with a cover to protect against potential contaminates between usages.