What is the cost for regular lunch?

For specific details on lunch costs, please visit your local cafeteria.  Generally speaking, lunch prices are based on two factors a) class grade, elementary price vs. high school price and b) enrolled plan package.

How can meals be purchased?

By using our prepay debit account system. For more information, please visit this link.

How do I create an account?

Cezars Kitchen has accounts for all students enrolled at the beginning of the new school year. If you joined the school after the first day, please visit this link.  Once your account is created, all you need to do is activate it by making your first/initial deposit of funds. For more information on making a payment, please visit our payment page.

What if my child forgets his/her secret PIN number?

No problem, we have a record of all students ID numbers in our database. Please have your child ask one our friendly cafeteria helpers for support or contact our Head Office in Nagoya.

How much money is my child spending?

Meals and snack prices are available online and in the cafeteria. To track your child’s spending on line, please open a free PayPAMS (Parent Account Management System) internet account. For more information on PAMS, please visit our PAMS lunchroom page.

What's my account balance?

You have four ways to view your account balance.
1) Stop by your local cafeteria and ask our friendly cafeteria manager.
2) By viewing the monitor at time of purchase.
3) Contacting our Head Office.
4) By viewing your PayPAMS internet account. Also with PAMS Lunchroom, you can set-up instant email reminders to notify you when your balance reaches a low limit.

Can I pay online?

Yes with Paypal, online banking and/or using your credit card, visit the payment page for more details. Unfortunately, you cannot make a payment through PayPAMS, despite the name, which has not relation to Paypal.

Can my company pay for one of the plans?

Yes. Upon request we can issue an invoice to your company or mail it to you.

If I don't use all the money in the account do I get it back?

We will refund all remaining balance in your account if you and your children leave your school. Please visit our refund page, download and complete our Refund Request Form. Any Remaining balance at the end of a school year will automatically carry over to the next year on the same plan.

Can I use someone else's number to purchase my lunch?

NO!! Our system is designed to track how much your child spends and what he purchases on a daily basis. We have each child’s photograph in our files to help us keep track of each child’s account and their eating habits. Number sharing is greatly discouraged. Siblings should also have separate accounts.


Are Cezars Lunches Healthy?

Yes, we try our best to cook kid-friendly lunches in a healthy manner, we serve limited amounts of fried foods, and some of our schools have removed their fryers. Cezars also invest a lot of time into importing healthy snack alternatives that cannot be purchased at your local convenient store.

What is the ala carte service?

In addition to our set meals, our cafeterias offer a variety of food items and beverages for sale to students and faculty. Ala carte items can be purchased to supplement lunches from home (piece of fresh fruit or healthy beverage) or students who do not want to purchase the set school lunch meal can still enjoy one of our freshly made sandwiches. We also have a wide range of re-energizing brain food to keep the brain alert and ready for class.

What are the portion sizes?

Although some items are limited to a certain quantity, students are generally allowed the amount of food they want for lunch with some guidance from Cezars staff.

Is there Japanese food on the menu?

Yes. As our host country is Japan, we will also be serving a wide variety of Japanese meals. We do our best to serve foods that reflect different taste preferences of the students and staff. The food will be nutritionally balanced, fresh and of high quality and will reflect the student body’s cultural diversity.

Can I have an extra portion?

No problem. Our register system is equipped with an extra serving button for only 150 yen.

Why do school lunches seem so high in starch?

Starches combined with vegetables, proteins and sauces are the basics of nearly all school meals. We always encourage students to take a balances lunch.

Do you serve carbonated sugar drinks?

No. Our fountain drink system does not used carbonation and only serves 100% natural fruit and teas. Our drink showcases are stocked with waters, teas, fruit and energy re-hydrating beverages.

My child is vegetarian.

No problem, we have a daily vegetarian option everyday.

Are there any other items available besides a set lunch?

Yes, please try our wide range of snacks, drinks, sandwiches and onigiri.

How do I know what's for lunch?

The menu is published online and available in each local cafeteria.

My child is a fussy eater: I'm worried she/he won't eat anything.

We encourage students to take all the components of a balanced healthy meal. Our friendly staff encourage child to eat a balance meal and to try new or unfamiliar foods. A child will never be forced to eat something they don’t want.

Is there a Preschool (Montessori) lunch plan?

Yes. The Preschool (Montessori) plan is a bento-style lunch with beverage that is delivered to either to the classroom or a designated location.


Are kitchens inspected regularly?

Yes, every month our Director of Food Service visits each location and performs a 300 point inspection.

Where is the Head Office located?

Our Head Office is located in Nagoya. For details, click here.

How do I comment on your service?

There are several ways,

  1. Survey Monkey, our online survey, click here to complete.
  2. Email:
  3. Phone: 052-229-8571, Japanese and English staff are available, 9am to 6pm during the week.