Company Profile


Cezars Kitchen strives to exceed customer expectations with great tasting, nutritious food made with love and served with a smile…every day!


Our Six Key Ingredients always remain at the core and heart of each and every single menu that we create. These are; 

  1. Culinary Mission Statement.
  2. Made with Love.
  3. Focus on Fresh Baked.
  4. Focus on Raw Ingredients.
  5. Focus on Regional and Seasonal Products.
  6. Nutritionally Sound. 



Cezars Kitchen K.K. is an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certified company and specializes in onsite catering, food services (dining, café and custom-built solutions) for Education, Corporations, Healthcare, Industrial and specialty venue sectors. Embracing the passion for customer experience, our dream is to be Asia’s premier onsite food service provider and, continue on our journey in providing culinary expertise and high-quality guest experience.

Cezars Kitchen K.K. is the Catering division and a subsidiary of Cezars International K.K. which was founded in September of 1996 and is comprised of a group of companies. The headquarters are centrally located in the heart of Japan between Tokyo and Osaka in the city of Nagoya. The offices are located one subway stop from the main Nagoya station, downtown Nagoya at the Ichigo Fushimi Building. In addition to the Nagoya office, we also have a Tokyo Regional Office.

Since our beginning, we have been serving hundreds of thousands of Japanese and foreign customers throughout Japan over fifteen plus years.

The Cezars brand is widely known and respected as a leader in food service in the international community. We pride ourselves on treating our guests with outstanding customer care while serving the best possible products and services available.