Set meals consist of choices from our buffet line including two hot main dishes, vegetables of the day, fresh homemade soup, salad bar, dessert and a fountain drink. Ala carte items and other drinks are also available during lunch time and can be purchased separately from the set-meal. We try our best to advice students of items that are not included in the set-meal but cannot take responsibility for additional charges if students decide to purchase ala carte items separately.
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Our lunch cost is determined by the student’s grade level. This applies to children who are choosing the set meal (buffet style) lunch. We understand that younger child generally take smaller portions compared to the older children which we reflect in our price structure. Below is the general classification that Cezars Kitchen uses. For more detail, please refer to your local school kitchen’s Basic Lunch Plan infomation sheet.

  • Grades one (1) to five (5) – classified as Elementary Student
  • Grades six (6) to twelve (12) – classified as Secondary Student

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Account limits or restrictions can be placed on any account by notify Cezars Kitchen. Monetary restrictions (Spending limits) or food restrictions (No snacks, only set meals, etc) are okay. It is recommended that you check your child’s account on a regular basis to ensure that they are using the system in an acceptable way. It is our policy not to refuse a child with an active account a lunch or snacks unless a restriction is placed restricting the food item. We are happy to implement restrictions to their accounts if requested.
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Allergies to a specific spice or food can be noted on accounts.  Please send us an email, give us a call or visit your local kitchen and we’ll be more than happy to add your allergy restriction on your child’s account.  Once the allergy is noted, every time the account is used, an alert is given to the cashier, who will verify the child’s plate.
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The default daily spending limit is 1500yen, with the breakfast limit set at 600yen. If you wish to either raise or lower the default limit amounts, please send us an email or call our office directly. Our goal is to provide a balanced meal program for your family which may include morning and afternoon snacking depending upon your family’s needs.
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Sorry, the Cezars Kitchen system is designed to track how much a single user purchases and will only allow for one meal per day. For security reason, our team is trained to match photographs to the child using the account. If you have more than one child attending school, each child will need to have their own individual account.

One exception, a visiting parent may use their child’s account.
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Each plan allows for selections from the buffet based on instructions on quantities provided by the staff and display plates available for all to view. Going back into the buffet line and getting seconds would require an additional charge. As the children get older they require more food on their plates, which is reflected in the different plan prices. The cashier will advice the student if the portions exceed the acceptable portion size for their grade.

  • If the child chooses to take an extra portion, the account will be charged ¥150 for an extra serving.
  • In addition please be advised that once a month we provide a special roast menu day with a ¥150 extra charge per set meal.

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Cezars Kitchen charges a one-time new account registration and setup fee of 1000yen. This is automatically applied to the new account at time of first prepayment. Summer school accounts do not have a fee unless the account is converted over to a regular account following the summer school program. In addition, the fee is waived for families choosing the Annual Lunch option.
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Please monitor your child’s account and top-up the account balance when it reaches 3000 yen. Parents using PAMS, our free online Parent Account Management System can receive email notifications alerting them of low balances. For more information on PAMS, please visit their website.

Zero balance accounts require a top-up before further spending is permitted.
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A student with a zero yen account balance or a child who does not have an active lunch account may be served a plain sandwich with drink for the price of 200 yen. It is Cezars Kitchen goal to provide students with some nutrition even in the event the account balance is zero.
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