Cashless Cafeteria

Cezars Kitchen works on a debit account system that enables all users to enjoy our services without the need for using cash on a daily basis. No need to send your child to school with daily lunch money or having to carry lunch tickets in your pocket. Our state of the art easy-to-use point of sale system allows for quicker transitions at the register, reducing congestion allowing children to have more time to eat their lunch.

Features & Advantages:

More payment options:

Make payments either by bank transfer, online by credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or with Paypal.

Prepayments can also be made directly at the cafeteria.

Allergy alerts:

Place allergy messages on your account that can protect your child from potentially dangerous situations from eating food that he/she has an allergy to.

Built in security

Reduce risk of theft, lost of lunch money or bullying that can happen with cash. Accounts include student pictures and secret four or five digit pin numbers.

Audit-ability by parents:

Users can go online and view daily purchases and payment history, twenty-four hours a day.

Allowing schools to focus:

Billing and account maintenance is managed by Cezars Kitchen, freeing up school resources to focus on education.

Partnered with PCS Revenue Control System:

PCS Revenue Control Systems is the leader in POS systems. Since 1984, designs, manufactures and markets computerized food management systems for school meal programs. PCS’ cutting-edge technology is specifically for use in school cafeteria environments. More than 8,000 schools in over 800 small, medium, large, and major city school districts throughout the United States use PCS.

Cezars Kitchen is proud to be a partnered with PCS, considered to be the best in the industry. Together we are committed to providing the most easy-to-use register/account software and hardware technology.