Getting started

Option 1

Create onsite lunch account:

Those who are using cashless cafeteria listed below, please follow these instructions 
・Nagoya International School
・Canadian Academy
・St. Mary’s International School
・Seisen International School
・International School of the Sacred Heart

Note: If the school your child attends are not the school above, please refer to your local Kitchen Parent Letter.

Step 1- First sign-up for an onsite lunch account

Start date:

New School Year = New students enrolling at the start of new school year: Before the start of a new school year, Cezars receives from the local school, new student data. You can skip step 1 and continue to step 2.

Mid-Year = Student enrolled during (mid-term) the school year: Please complete the online new account form below.

New Account Registration Form

Step 2- Activate onsite lunch account:

To activate your account, simply complete your initial deposit of funds. After payment is made, your child’s private four or five digit pin number will be provided and the account will be ready. To learn more about depositing funds into your account click the link below. To receive your pin number, either stop by the cafeteria or contact our Head Office either by telephone or email.

We request that you make a minimum payment amount is 10,000 yen. To avoid negative balances and the hassle of making continual payments throughout the year, we recommend that you deposit more funds and/or follow your balance online.

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Step 3- Use the cafeteria & enjoy lunch!

Using your account and navigating through the cafeteria is a breeze. We recommend that you visit the cafeteria with your child and our friendly staff will be happy to give you a tour of the cafeteria facilities. Usually after the first two or three days children have mastered the cafeteria.

Option 2

Subscribe to our online account viewing system (free optional service)

Every time your child purchases breakfast, lunch or snack, the account records the purchase and deducts the funds from your account. At any time you can view your current balance either by looking at the register screen or by creating an online (internet) account that communicates with the school POS software. Once a day the local school register software uploads daily activities and usage. For more information and to sign up for the online PAMS (Parent Account Management Service):


Sign-up for a MY-KITCHEN account (free optional service)

To see your local kitchen news, specials, menus and updates, please sign-up and subscribe to our website. In addition, parents of preschool and/or kindergarten students can submit lunch forms online. Please click on this link to sign-up for your own MY-KITCHEN account.

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