A Roast to Remember

Cezars Kitchen is welcoming into their kitchens this Tuesday the 18th, HoneyBaked Ham®!

HoneyBaked Hams are hand-selected by stringent standards that have been passed down for generations.  It is then smoked for over 20 hours with secret blend of hardwood chips.  Each HoneyBaked Ham® is spiral-sliced to the bone so each tender, juicy slice is easy to serve and just the right thickness.
The crowning touch is the sweet glaze that blends perfectly with the deep ham flavor.  Each HoneyBaked Ham is glazed the old fashioned way, by hand, here in Japan.

Cezars is proud to offer this luxury Ham to its customers in Japan.

Another feature of HoneyBaked Ham® the one-of-a-kind sweet crunchy glaze.  This recipe and technique has been passed down from generation to generations.  We apprenticed the HoneyBaked master glazers in America.  Because of this training, we are able to glaze each by ham by hand, one at a time, here in Japan. 
A variety of spices including honey, cinnamon, and cloves… are all mixed together as the base for the “secret spice,” which is gently coated the top of the ham.  This special sweet flavoring brings out the ham’s delicious mixes perfectly with the delicious taste of our smoked ham.  As time progresses, the sweet glaze gently melts and flavors the individual slices. 

Come by the kitchen on the Tuesday the 18th and grab yourself a slice of heavenly HoneyBaked Ham®.

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