Bank Transfers

Payment can be made by bank wire transfer to the Cezars Kitchen bank account anytime. To ensure your payment is applied correctly, we request the following information to be either faxed the information to 052-229-8590 or email to our Head Office at .

  1. Student or students full name(s)
  2. The four digit PIN number (new account holders can omit this information)
  3. Payment amount
  4. Name on bank account
  5. Contact telephone number

Incomplete Data:
Please note if the above information is not completed and submitted to Cezars Kitchen there may be a delay in processing your prepayment. Additional time may be needed to match the deposit to the correct account.

Bank Charges:
If there are any bank transferring charges from the bank, you are responsible for payment of these charges. For example, if you deposit 100,000 yen via bank transfer and the bank charges a fee of 2000 yen to process this transfer, Cezars Kitchen is not responsible for incurring this bank fee.

Processing Time:
Once you have posted the transfer at your local bank the funds should reach our bank within two to four business days. Overseas transfer can sometimes take up to five business days before the funds are posted to our bank account. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Applying Deposit:
Cezars Kitchen updates new bank deposits one time per day, after 5pm. Deposits are downloaded to the school and ready for use on the following day.

Need help with making a bank transfer? Download the following “How-to” guide for a step by step support.

Bank Transfer “How-to” Guide

The following is our bank information:

Account Name: Cezars Kitchen K.K.【シーザースキツチン (カ】
Bank/Branch: MUFG Bank, LTD., Nagoya Eigyobu
Account Number/Type: ********, Futsu Type
Swift Code: BOTKJPJT

School Account Numbers 

NIS – Nagoya International School 0458442
STM – Saint Maur International School 0458455
CA – Canadian Academy 0458468
SMIS – St. Mary’s International School 0458471
SIS – Seisen International School 0458497
ISSH – International School of the Sacred Heart 0366145
KPIS – Komazawa Park International School 0607550
TIK – Tokyo International Kindercare 0607550
KAIS – KAIS International School 0607550
CIS – Columbia International School 0458484
St. Michael’s International School 1182089


Bank Transfer for ISAK

Account Name: Cezars Kitchen K.K.【シーザースキツチン (カ】
Bank/Branch: Japan Post Bank/218(ニーイチハチ)
Account Number/Type:5722866 , Futsu Type
*For bank transfer from overseas, please contact our head office.
*For bank transfer within Japan Post Bank, please use following “Code” and “Number”.
Code: 12170
Number:  57228661