Cezars Café (Sugiyama Jogakuen University) receives Smart Meal Certification!!

Cezars Café at Sugiyama Jogakuen University (Nagoya, Aichi) has received ‘one-star’ rating for its menu!!

★What is Smart Meal?

– The Healthy Meal & Dietary Environment Consortium, an agency recognized by the Japanese government. It reviews menus from large food service operators, and if the menu design is top-class when it comes to nutritious and healthiness, they may be awarded 1 to 3 stars (same as Michelin system, but for nutrition).

Cezars Café at Sugiyama has been working on Healthy menu projects for several years and providing well-balanced meals designed by dietitians.
Cezars Kitchen services focus on healthy choices that can set students & employees up for success both in and outside the schools or companies.

Smart Meal Consortium website


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