Inquiry regarding refunds

Refund Form

Please complete the following information if you are leaving school and will no longer need the services of Cezars Kitchen in the future.  Completion of this form is required if a balance is remaining on the account being closed.

Inquiry regarding refunds

    Student Information

  • Guardian Information

  • Closing Account

  • Bank Information (for refunds over 3000 Yen)



Refunds under 3000 yen

Small refunds are handled at the school locally by our on site Cafeteria Manager via cash.

Refunds over 3000 yen

Larger refunds are managed through our Head Office located in Nagoya via a bank transfer. Please fax a copy of the information page from your Japanese bank book  to our office. With this information, bank name, branch code or name, name on account (official spelling) and account number we can directly refund your remaining balance to you directly. Please allow up to 5 business days for processing time once the fax has been received by our office.

If you have any questions please call our Head Office at: 052-229-8571 or send an email to .