Saint Maur Summer School Lunch Information (For Grade 3 and above)

There is a great lunch produced every day during summer school by Cezars Kitchen. The cost of meals isn’t included in the summer school program (for grades 3 and above) but the lunch service is easy to use, great value and takes the hassle out of preparing packed lunches every day. Another benefit is since it’s a prepaid system you can be assured your child will only be able to buy the approved items available in the cafeteria.

Have you signed up for the daily delicious, freshly prepared lunch program yet?  If not, you’re in luck; it’s not too late!  Make lunch easy this summer and let us do all the heavy lifting.

Current Saint Maur students can continue to use their accounts as usual.  All you need to do is make sure your account has sufficient funds and bring the card to the cafeteria.

Please click the link below to view our summer school menu:

Summer School Menu 2022

Step 1:  Complete the Summer school Account Registration Form online
Step 2:  Make a deposit (See the payment option below)
*Current Saint Maur students have the cafeteria account, so no need to complete this process.
*The new account registration fee of 1,000 yen will be omitted for the summer school students.

800 yen

1. Cash (Pay directly at cafeteria kiosk)
2. Bank Transfer (click this link for more details)
3. Credit Card (Pay directly from Lunchbox system)

The school lunch system is served by cafeteria staff, International style buffet that is designed for a balance meal for your child. Your meal includes: main entréeside dishstarch (rice, noodle or bread, varies by the day), side of vegetablessalad bar with variety of toppingsdessert and 100% natural juice or tea.  We strive to provide healthy and balanced nutritious lunches for all students to enjoy! Vegetarian meals available everyday.

We will encourage your children to have a healthy and balanced meal. If they do not take a balanced meal we will, when possible, advise them to go back and take additional items. Our team is committed to look out for your child’s best interests when it comes to eating their school lunch and/or afterschool Ice Cream. If we see a trend of unbalanced eating habits, we will do our best to encourage balance eating.

Thank you for choosing Saint Maur International School summer program and for supporting the school’s cafeteria!