World Food Safety Day 2020 – Our Commitment

Cezars Kitchen proudly and boldly shares its commitment towards food safety as the global food industry celebrates the 2nd WHO World Food Safety Day.
We hereby commit to the 5 call to actions highlighted by WHO.
1 – Ensure it’s safe: CK always respects and incorporates all food codes and food safety laws in ALL countries that we operate.
2 – Grow it safe: CK strives to support & source the freshest local produce after carefully evaluating each of our suppliers.
3 – Keep it safe: At CK, we incorporate the best practices inside our kitchens such as HACCP.
4 – Eat it safe: We always ensure all our customers are clearly informed on all food safety knowledge such as allergens in order to support their safe consumption of food.
5 – Team up for safety – Food Safety is a shared responsibility. We take this statement very seriously as we coordinate safety efforts from our head office in Japan to all our kitchens in Asia. Kitchen, Safety, Compliance and our Leadership teams work as one team while placing safety at the heart of our business.
June 07, 2020 is the World Food Safety day! The initiative by the World Health Organisation is supported by all food related businesses from around the world! This years theme is “Food Safety, Eveyone’s Business.”
Let us all take a moment to realise that we ALL play a role in supporting food safety efforts from sourcing ingredients, preperation all the way to the consumption of food.

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