start SAFE with CEZARS

Thank you for your continued trust in Cezars Kitchen. We hope that all of you are safe and healthy as we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The safety and health of all our employees and customers around the world continue to be of paramount importance to us!

We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 developments. For precautionary measures we are fully respecting and complying the recommended practices set forth by the local governments & authorities in all countries that we operate. Along with this, we have been monitoring international trusted sources such as, the WHO (World Health Organization), CDC (Center for Disease Control), FDA (Food & Drug Administration), EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to name a few.

Our top two priorities will always remain;

  • The protection of our customers & the community
  • The protection of our employees


Safety Measures & Research

Our staff have been actively demonstrating and maintaining the highest levels of hygiene towards the Coronavirus.

The WHO and EFSA have both published official research documentation to confirm that food is not a proven route of transmission for COVID-19. The COVID-19 is primarily a respiratory illness. More information regarding this research can be viewed on our May 2020 HSE Newsletter.

In addition to existing safety measures, the Cezars Kitchen leadership team actively communicates new developments across all our operations. We are working to ensure that all aspects of food safety are considered from safe food preparation, kitchen operations and the safe consumption of our food!

To further support our efforts we have the following in place:

  • CK Standard Operating Procedure – Pandemic Classification Chart.
  • CK Standard Operating Procedure – Food Service Safety – Guidelines.
  • CK Standard Operating Procedure – Account Reopening checklist.
  • COVID-19 – Staff Declaration Form.
  • Implementing a E-Training platform to reinforce training of procedures and policies for all our supervision and management staff.
  • A dedicated COVID-19 Orientation Training package.
  • Regular Safety Focus & HSE communications such as our Monthly HSE Newsletters.
  • Daily body temperature monitoring and reporting to H.O.
  • The routine practice and completion of the Red Book that includes Daily Staff Hygiene Monitoring that is ensured by the manager.



CK Standard Operating Procedures

Our advanced SOPs provide leadership direction across our company on how to safely operate and include additional safety measures. The instructions and guidelines provided include everything from food preparation, delivery & cleaning of all food contact surfaces.

View the Pandemic Classification Chart.

If you would like to request further information or a copy of our SOP, please send a request to or contact any member of our Senior Leadership Team.

COVID-19 Declaration form

All staff at CK are required to complete our COVID-19 Declaration Form prior to returning to work. You can find a sample of the form by clicking here.

Account Reopening Checklist

This requirement is performed by our Operations Manager’s alongside onsite management teams. The checklist acts as a form of reminder to ensure all practical safety measures have been considered and implemented to ensure food safety and to support our accounts in the protection and fight against COVID-19.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Our kitchens and all food contact surfaces are cleaned using a powerful and effective combination of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection. Cleaning is achieved by using a commercial soap water solution followed by the application of a chemical sanitizer. Disinfection is an additional process carried out using chemicals with active ingredients such as Sodium Hypochlorite or Quaternary Ammonium. These chemicals have been scientifically proven to kill the bacteria associated with COVID-19.

Daily Staff Health Monitoring & body temperature checks

All staff are required to perform daily body temperature checks PRIOR to starting their shift. You can find a sample of this log sheet by clicking here.

Safety Focus & HSE Newsletters

Safety Focus and HSE Newsletters are tools we use to actively communicate safety developments towards food safety and COVID-19. These are openly communicated company wide and available for viewing for all our customers. For more info, please visit the Safety Communication section of our Blog.

Customized Food Service Solutions

CK takes pride in working closely with all our clients to deliver and resume safe food services. Extensive planning, considerations and discussions are held with the intent to further enhance food safety and protect our customers. This could include implementation of social distancing measures, increased emphasis on hand hygiene and sanitizing with improvised methods to serve food such as take-away’s or Bento/packed meals.






Connect with us

For any additional concerns regarding food safety, please feel free to connect with us by any of the following methods;
Email: or contact our HSE & Compliance Manager by sending an email to
Instagram: @cezarskitchenjp @cezarskitchenmy